Ctioga is deprecated

As of now (Mon Jan 31 2011), the use of Ctioga is deprecated, in favor of its full rewrite ctioga2. Development had stopped already two years ago. Please use ctioga2, which is now mature enough to serve as a full replacement of Ctioga, but provides much more features, such as XYZ color maps.

You may be interested in this page to help you transition to ctioga2.

What should be added some time in the future

As of now (ctioga version 1.6.2), I start to be rather satisfied with the possibilities offered by ctioga. However, I cannot say I’ve finished my work yet (far from it !). Here is a small list of thing I intend to work on in a more or less distant future:

Additionnally, you might want to have a look at the TODO list from the SVN repository.