Real-life examples of ctioga’s use

You will find on this page some examples of real-life use of ctioga. Each image is coming from a real PDF file produced by ctioga. You can click on it to get a bigger version. The command-line that did produce the file is not made available, as anyway the data files are missing.


Some examples coming from the world of electrochemistry.

A nice set of voltammogramms, one non-catalytic and the rest catalytic. The left picture was obtained with the --mono switch. The right without it.

Voltammograms of cytochrome c6 on modified gold electrodes. The left picture is the actual voltammograms, the middle the distance between the peaks as a function of scan rate and the right the peak current as a function of scan rate.

Cleaning of a gold electrode in sulfuric acid. The colors were specified using the new gradient: colorset feature.

Catalytic efficiency of a photo-induced electron transfer chain. Vincent Fourmond et al, J. Am. Chem. Soc., to be published in August, and a color version.


Quite a few contributions from Jean-Julien Fleck:

A pseudo-surface brigthness profile fit from a Nbody simulation. “pseudo” in the sense that integrated mass on the line-of-sight has been used rather than direct luminosity. The right plot is the same using the --xlog option of ctioga.

Orbits of 4 stars chosen within a 250 particles simulated star cluster centered on 0:0. Rapid orbital decay can be observed for example for particles 3 and 4 which started in the halo.

And some more from Fran├žois-Xavier Pineau:

The red histogram represent the number of 2MASS candidates by bin of likelihood ratio (LR) while the green one represent an estimate of the number of spurious sources by bin of LR. The blue curve is the reliability function deduce from the two above histograms. It represent the probability an association have to be true for a given LR.

Each cross represents the relative position of a 2MASS source in respect to the XMM source it is associated with. Color of crosses represent the probability 2MASS sources have to be real counter-parts.

If you wish to contribute to this gallery, you can post on the forum, we’ll contact you then.