Ctioga is deprecated

As of now (Mon Jan 31 2011), the use of Ctioga is deprecated, in favor of its full rewrite ctioga2. Development had stopped already two years ago. Please use ctioga2, which is now mature enough to serve as a full replacement of Ctioga, but provides much more features, such as XYZ color maps.

You may be interested in this page to help you transition to ctioga2.


Ctable is a small wrapper around the Backend library, which is used internally by ctioga to acquire it’s data. It started out as a toy program used to debug the Backends’s work, but proved to be much more effective than a toy. Here are some examples:

 ctable data.dat

This simple command-line prints the contents of the column 1 and column 2 of the file, a bit like in the following output:

 # data.dat
0.0     1.0
0.01    1.000627
0.02    1.002492
0.03    1.005571
0.04    1.009842
0.05    1.015284
0.06    1.021879
0.07    1.029608
0.08    1.038456
0.09    1.048411
0.1     1.05946
 ctable -e 'p data.min' data.dat

This prints the point where the Y values (the second column) is the minimum. In the case of the file data.dat, you get

 0.0     1.0 

Altough it seems rather simple, as you can pass arbitrary code to ctable, you can do pretty complex data analysis, whithout having to worry about filtering data, smoothing, and even acquiring it; you then can benefit from the work done on the Backends system. Have a look at it’s manpage for more details.